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4DM’s Report Generator is included with all 4DM packages, as well as on many of our partners’ platforms. The Report Generator produces real-time comprehensive cardiac reports using a streamlined, easy-to-use interface, with pages progressing from patient demographics through physician interpretations for an efficient and accurate process.


  • Automatic report selection based on imaging protocol

  • Automatic quantification image population

  • Simple interface for entering Patient Information and Stress / EKG results

  • User customizable report templates

  • Auto-text generation based on quantifications

  • Simultaneous image review and report generation

  • View EKG data in 4DM while entering findings into 4DM Reporting

Reporting AutoText Icon-01.png

Auto -Text

When Auto -Text is activated, the text box automatically generates sentences based on 4DM values and selected fields within a page. This feature gives physicians the ability to populate fields quickly and lets them decide whether to use the automatically generated information, add to it, or enter free text into their report.


4DM Reporting is compatible with speech-to-text software. This helps physicians create reports faster and hands-free.

Reporting Speech to Text Icon-01.png
Reporting Preview  Icon-01.png

Preview in Real-Time

4DM Reporting can display both the patient findings and a preview of the report within one screen. Changes to the patient findings automatically reflect within the report, giving a side-by-side comparison and a preview of what the report will look like when it is exported.

Reporting Exports to:

  • HL7 v2

  • Encap. PDF

  • HL7 v2 Referenced PDF

  • RTF

  • XML

  • DICOM Encapsulated PDF

  • PDF

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