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New for 2012 - Introducing Multi-Monitor Support

Thursday, April 19, 2012

 INVIA News 

INVIA Medical Imaging Solutions is proud to introduce multi-monitor display support in Corridor4DM v2012. Say good-bye to the days of switching back-and-forth between windows within a single-screen environment to review patient images or to move between your report and review screens. With 4DM’s multi-monitor support you now have the ability to increase review / reporting quality while further optimizing your workflow.

Upon loading a patient file, the review screens that you have pre-set will automatically open on the designated screens. Then advance through the workflow and reporting accordingly. Compare 4DM screens side-by-side; QA and processing; perfusion and function; summary and reporting – whichever simultaneous screens are most effective for the way you work! Physicians, improve your reporting turnaround by adding a monitor to your environment, which allows you to use 4DM’s report interface while viewing any combination of 4DM screens.

Our new feature can support multiple hardware displays allowing you any combination of up to four monitors. Or if you have an over-sized monitor, you can split the screen to support up to four virtual displays.

Multi-monitor support comes standard with 4DM version 2012 and higher. Upgrade today, or contact an INVIA sales representative for more detailed information. Please refer to the minimum hardware requirements to support this feature.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, INVIA, LLC’s team is dedicated to advancing patient care by developing state-of-the-art, non-invasive cardiology imaging software solutions. Physicians use our software, Corridor4DM, to accurately quantify, review, and report cardiac perfusion, function, and anatomy. 4DM originated at The University of Michigan, an institution devoted to excellence and leadership. Today, INVIA preserves close-ties to the University and remains dedicated to quality; committed to accuracy; and devoted to 4DM customers. For more information, visit
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