4DM Reporting.

Cardiac Specific Reporting Engine.

4DM’s Reporting application is included with 4DM Personal. With the release of 4DM v2016, the reporting application has been revamped to make reporting more efficient.

Sleek interface for easy navigation.

The new layout of 4DM reporting matches the top-down workflow in 4DM. Each page has a spread of fields, drop-downs, and checkboxes for quick reading, typing, and clicks. The sleek interface lets you focus on interpreting your patient's findings.

Preview and edit your report in real-time as you edit your patient findings.

4DM Reporting can display both the patient findings and a preview of the report within one screen. Changes to the patient findings automatically reflect within the report, giving a side-by-side comparison and a preview of what the

report will look like when it is exported.

Save time with the automatic sentence generator.

The Auto-Text switch is a new feature to 4DM Reporting. When activated, this text box automatically generates sentences based on 4DM values and selected fields within a page.


This feature gives physicians the ability to populate fields quickly and lets them decide whether to use the automatically generated information, add to it, or enter free text into their report.

4DM integrates with DICOM-compliant EKG software. View  EKG data in 4DM while entering findings into 4DM Reporting on the all new  EKG page.

View EKG data in 4DM while entering findings into 4DM Reporting

Compatible with software converting speech to text.

Participates in the new ASNC ImageGuide Registry.

INVIA is a certified data registry reporting vendor. 4DM  provides save functionality that allows physicians to participate in sending patient findings to the ASNC ImageGuide Registry.


INVIA is committed to HL7 compliance as well as meeting federal guidelines for Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). With each new release, users have the ability to export findings to the most current HL7 (CDA) formats.

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