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4DM Personal

Turn Your PC into a Nuclear

Cardiology Workstation

4DM Personal is stand-alone software that has the complete functionality of Corridor4DM. Instead of requiring a fixed installation on your PACS, camera, or integrated workstation, 4DM Personal has the ability to install on any Windows laptop or workstation – creating a portable and convenient nuclear review and reporting environment, or supplementing your 4DM Integrated installation.


4DM Product Specialist training Physician and Technologist

Bundled to Optimize

Included with your purchase of 4DM Personal are eight hours of on-site installation and training. An INVIA Product Specialist will coordinate and execute the software installation and provide customized product training.


Bundled with your 4DM Personal purchase is one year of Maintenance (upgrades and technical support) at no additional charge. To extend your maintenance agreement past that first year, contact INVIA today.

International Services

For our international customers, INVIA provides the same first-rate services remotely. An INVIA Product Specialist will install 4DM Personal using remote access software and provide web-based training scheduled at your convenience.


You will also receive one year of product upgrades and support at no additional charge. To ease the transition to 4DM, your INVIA Product Specialist can also set 4DM to display in your native language.*


* 4DM Personal v2016 is translated into 20 languages. Call INVIA today to see if 4DM speaks your language.

4DM Product Specialist on a remote session

Optimize Your Workflow

4DM Personal is compatible with other 4DM installations at your facility, including those integrated with our many reseller partners’ workstations and PACS systems.


Mix your environment to create the most effective workflow for your hospital or clinic.

Laptop with 4DM

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